With the artisanal techniques typical of manual processing, and the collaboration with a design studio, Mincio Arredamenti curated the design and realization of the new sales point of the "Dolci Momenti" bakery. Discover all the details and the main features of the project.


Store renovation project

The project starts from the need of the owners of Dolci Momenti who, after 15 years of activity, turned to our company to completely renovate their premises.

“Questo progetto rispecchia completamente ciò che volevamo per il rinnovo. Mincio Arredamenti insieme all’architetto Alessandra di Studio 28nero ci ha sorpreso immediatamente”.

Our company is structured to design and manufacture custom furnishings, essential characteristics to offer a "turnkey" service both at the planning and implementation levels.

"I really like the collaboration with Mincio Arredamenti. I wouldn't be able to carry out the idea we have in the studio of complete, high customization if I didn't work with a company that has made its history with manual processing, with craftsmanship that I find increasingly difficult to rediscover."

Among other things, the project involved the replacement of the refrigerated section, such as display cases or refrigerated counters, and the exhibition section, such as back counters, entirely made to measure in stainless steel.

With a keen eye on the history of Guardiagrele, where metalworking represents a tradition, the restyling of the new premises introduced rounded shapes, metallic-effect wallpapers, and colors that recall the exhibited products, further enhancing both the product identity and the business identity.

The bar counter, the preferred place for consumption, also plays a leading role in product display, thanks to the carefully designed lighting. The same attention has been devoted to raised shelves and the now much larger display window, further enhancing the goodness of the displayed products.

All the new installations are "under track", eliminating the classic platforms and making everything much more pleasing aesthetically and practical for daily cleaning.

The careful redistribution of internal spaces, along with the optimization of workspaces, now allows for a greater number of customers to be accommodated in the cafeteria area.



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